Antonio Pandolfi

Skill: Fortman's Studios Florence - photography course.

1989 Solo, Portraits et Mensonges Musée Français de la Photographie, Bièvres, France
2008 Duo, Movimenti at the gallery Artsenal63, Firenze, Italy

Photography is the way I use to fix my feelings and my visions before they are gone.

I started taking pictures when I found out how beautiful was to see images coming out of sheets of papers and plastic rolls. Photography has been my intimate friend with whom to seclude in the darkness and with whom to bring my feelings to light. Now that I turned to digital that special intimacy has gone but nevertheless new experiences and possibilities excite me the same way.

When I shoot a picture I need discipline and concentration, so first I usually think of a project, shoot a series of photos and then work on it. When I take pictures of people I like to lead the scene and the pose. Sometimes it takes a very long time to get the right picture and that can cause a bit of impatience in the subject . I want to photograph people the way I see them and not the way they would like to appear. When I shoot objects, landscapes or whatever I play with space, colors and shapes and that is fun.

I am at the moment experiencing and learning new media and techniques. I got into the digital pictures and I found that it is a completely different world. Working on the photos with a mouse has not the same feelings of dipping the fingers into the developer in order to control the image. I had lessons of paintings and liked it so much that I started painting over my pictures with oil colors. I must say I was surprised of what came out and I am willing to go on studying this technique.